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Get stuff done
Next-generation online collaboration platform for teams, businesses, and projects. Stay agile and nimble, yet structured and organized
What is is a collaboration platform for teams looking to up their game and get stuff done
It's blazingly fast across desktop, tablet, and mobile
Whether your team is big or small, sitting together or working remotely, will help you get organized
How it works
When you sign up, your team will be given a unique domain where all your data is securely stored, such as
Every team member will be given a username and a password that you use individually to log in to your domain
Once logged in, the team can start adding issues to Issues are individual chunks of work, big or small. They can really be anything that makes sense to you and the way your team works
See some examples of what issues can be
Depending on your team, your domain, and your industry—an issue can be:
  • an idea for a future product or service
  • a software bug
  • a ToDo item
  • a design proposal for review
  • a work order,
  • a breakdown of a piece of machinery
  • a new feature
  • a helpdesk ticket
  • a checklist
  • an employee review process,
  • a slide deck that needs to be updated
This makes incredibly flexible, as it instantly adapts to any working style, domain, or industry
New issues are added as they occur and disappear when resolved, so the team's list of issues is always up to date
A single source of truth
Issues have properties, such as a status, a priority, an assignee, and belongs to a project
These properties help the team discern the nature of the work, its importance, and current status contains many useful tools that help the team keep track of, structure, collaborate around, and plan into the future using these issues as building blocks
With, everything your team need to do is stored in one place—hence there's a single source of truth for the entire team that's always up to date
Why is this important?
Having a single source of truth has many benefits:
  • Ideas and problems get tracked and stored securely, and not on a PostIT note on someone's screen
  • As every issue has a status, a priority, and a host of other properties, we always know where we're at with the work
  • Everyone on the team knows what everyone else is working on and what the team's biggest challenges and priorities are
  • With Sirap, everyone is invited to share their knowledge and take action that help resolve any issue, not just their own, promoting collaboration and combatting siloing in your team
A glimpse of what you can do with
At your fingertips
The issue list view holds everything you and your team need to do. Search, filters, and other tools help you quickly find what you're after
Seize the moment
The calendar view keeps track of time-based issues that have start dates or a deadline, or both. Great for planning your week
Work better, together
Boards enable collaboration. Team members can collaborate on a board simultaneously for sprint planning, brainstorming, and workshops
Dive into the nitty gritty
You can zoom in on every individual issue to see everything the team has on that issue; such as comments, tasks, attachments
Properties build issues
An issue's properties reflect the current state of the work the issue describes. Setting and changing these properties is intuitive and fast
Co-create the solution
Posting comments and participating in discussions about how to approach the issue, the team co-creates the solution
Everything in one place
Everything related to each issue is in one place. All easily available, always up to date, and everyone sees the same information
Add a little magic Beta
Over time, learns how you and the team use the system. Based on this, it suggests issues to deal with next. Check it out!
Make it yours is highly customizable. In fact, you can tweak it to make it look almost any way you want, to suit the way you work
It's alive!
An single issue often appears in multiple views with different purposes—across different lists, calendars, and boards
Yet, the moment an issue is updated—for instance, when its status changes—that change is automatically and instantly reflected everywhere
This makes sure everyone on the team is always seeing and working with the latest information—preventing yield loss and protects the team's valuable time
Request beta access 💡 is currently in closed beta. If you want to request access for your team or organization, sign up here (click on 'Apply for β access') and we'll be in touch as soon as new slots open up.
At, our mission is to help you and your team get stuff done, without enforcing specific methods, processes, or tools excels in industries like software development and maintenance, financial services, HR, consulting, engineering, academia, and healthcare
However, we believe is flexible enough to support work in any industry, and customizable enough to make the user experience unique to that domain
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Request beta access 💡 is currently in closed beta. If you want to request access for your team or organization, sign up here (click on 'Apply for β access') and we'll be in touch as soon as new slots open up.